Android app open source code

We are offering Android app open source code which may be used for creating different apps and games for the mobile devices and tablets. Here you may download ready to use Android app source code and also you can use server api for free. Using any of those Android codes you can make your own apps in Android studio, Intellij IDEA or any other program and publish them through your Android market account. Those source codes are compatible with any Android OS versions.

Android open source code

Android app source code allows your to create any kind of app with registration, log-in and Video chat functions. You may easily add them into your existing apps or simply create a completely new one and give your users ability to communicate with each other. Those source codes are compatible with any Android version for any Android mobile devices or tablets. You can download them for free and simply add your own modules, or send requests from your modules to server Android API.

Open source code for Android

Using those free open source code Android apps you will get:
- user registration module, so you will not have to create it by your own from the scratch;
- your users will be automatically registered in all your apps which are created on the base of those codes;
- using those modules and games source codes you may add new features into your existing apps in a minute;
- your users will be able to communicate with millions of registered users from other apps through the Instant Messages and in the video chat.

Apps Created with Android open source code

Video chat by SpainAPPs2015
Video chat
Devices owners community by Appsoft2015
Devices owners community
Numbers For SMS verification by Appsoft2015
Numbers For SMS verification